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Landmines In Africa

We have a follower! We are very excited that someone out there is reading our blog! And now we are following them.

Isn’t it sad though, that there has to be a blog about landmines in Africa. How many countries are dealing with these insidious weapons of war?

Funny story today. I found a flier for our Lend Your Leg Event in the paper recycling box only seconds after I had given it to someone. His reasoning…You can’t stop them!! I had to direct him to the back of the flier to see that the event was about awareness raising and about the exhibition of the illustrations for One Step At A Time.

Lesson to be learnt: always read the back of a flier!

At least he was recycling the paper…it could have ended up as landfill!!


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Safe Ground

On Friday April 4th we are working with Safe Ground to present the Lend Your Leg event. It will be held at the BAPeA  ART SCHOOL  AND  GALLERY at 51 Wood Ave, Brompton, South Australia.

Starting at 7:00pm the night includes an address by Mark Parnell MLC at 7:30pm ( we hope) and then an exhibition of Sally’s illustrations for One Step At A Time.

We will also have the trailer for the Crowdfunding campaign on display and hope to generate some interest.

Safe Ground, formerly known as the Australian Network to Ban Landmines and Cluster Munitions, is based in Adelaide where they work hard to raise awareness about the devastating effect landmines have on communities throughout the world.

Their objects and purposes are;

To advocate ways to make unsafe ground safe and to prevent safe ground from becoming unsafe.

To advocate against the use of any weapons causing an unacceptable level of civilian harm and suffering.

To advocate the safe clearance of ground contaminated with explosive remnants of war (ERW).

To keep well informed as to the humanitarian consequences of developing military technologies.

To advocate humanitarian principles and a reduction of suffering and misery.

To advocate an end to armed conflicts.

To promote non-violent action.

To promote awareness and act on the following principles of International Humanitarian Law:

“It is prohibited to employ weapons, projectiles and materials and methods of warfare of a nature to cause superfluous injury or unnecessary suffering.”

“In order to ensure respect for and protection of the civilian population and civilian objects, the Parties to the conflict shall at all times distinguish between the civilian population and combatants and between civilian objects and military objectives and accordingly shall direct their operations only against military objectives.”

Wouldn’t it be good if all warring parties followed the International Humanitarian Law…maybe if they did there would be no deadly conflicts.

Hope to see some of you Adelaide people at our Lend Your Leg Event and show solidarity with all survivors of landmines and other explosive remnants of war.

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Landmine Fact No. 13

In addition to inflicting physical and psychological damage on civilians, land mines disrupt social services, threaten food security by preventing thousands of hectares of productive land from being farmed, and hinder the return and resettlement of refugees and displaced persons.United nationN

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Landmine Fact No. 12

Buried landmines can remain active for over 50 years. The threat they pose thus lingers long after hostilities have ceased. Mines maim and kill tens of thousands of people each year, most of them women and children. United Nations

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