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Elephant Hospital

The Friends of the Asian Elephant Hospital, in Lampang, Thailand was the world’s first  elephant hospital. Dr Therdchai Jivacate operated on a young elephant to provide it with a prosthesis. If elephants can’t get up on their feet to walk they will die, so it is very important to fit them with a prosthesis.

You can imagine how different this must be to fitting a human with a leg or arm. The sheer weight of the elephant makes it a very difficult operation but there have been many successes.

Dedicated carers must look after the elephants 24 hours a day in the initial weeks.

You can read more about the work of the hospital by just googling Friends of the Asian Elephant Hospital.


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COPE is a non-profit organisation based in Vientiane, Lao PDR which was created in the response to provide UXO victims with the care and support they needed. This includes the provision of prosthetic devices.

UXOs are “explosive weapons that failed to detonate when they were fired, dropped, launched or projected, and still pose a risk of exploding”.

More than 50% of victims in the post-conflict era are children and over 80% of victims are male.

Of the 260 million cluster bombs dropped on Lao PDR, 80 million failed to explode.

Many people on a daily basis continue to come into contact with UXOs and cluster munitions.

 Every year there are 300 more casualties from UXO incidents.


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Landmine Refugees Project

Did you know that 10% of townships in Burma ( Myanmar ) are effected by landmines?

The Landmine Refugees Project helps to bring refugees from the refigee camps on the Thai/Burma border to Australia and helps refugees who have lost limbs to landmine explosions.

Read more about their efforts at:


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