“The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with One Step”

The following quotes are from the book “In Search of Safe Ground” by Gemima Harvey and John Rodsted.

“Dusk is setting in on a balmy evening in rural Cambodia.People are returning from the rice paddies after a long day in the fields. A woman is holding crops in her hand to cook for dinner, a man leads his buffalo and a child leaps form the hands of her grandmother to greet her returning parnets. Stirred by the droning sound of aeroplanes, they all look up to the sky. As the next ten years unfold, a constant stream of aircraft unleash their cargo over Central and Eastern Cambodia and scenes of people coming home from work change to those of communities hiding in forests, bunkers and caves-a once tranquil life disrupted from 1965 to this day.”

“A report by historian Ben Kiernan and researcher Taylor Owen entitled “Bombs Over Cambodia” states that, from 1965-1973, there were 2,56,941 tons of ordnance dropped in 230,516 bombing missions on 113,716 sites in Cambodia.”


“The second series of bombings , including operations “breakfast”, “lunch”, “dinner”, “snack”, “supper”, and “dessert” was called “Operation Menu”.



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