Work in Progress

July 6, 2014.

One of our Mali’s has found a new home. Our book designer Kathy gave a print to her brand new great-nephew, Rory. Here it is hanging in his room!


June 27, 2014.

Almost there! Pulled the last prints off the press today, acting as assistant to my fabulous edition print-maker Margaret Sanders! Once they’ve dried in this damp, windy weather we’re having, I can colour them in and the book is one step closer!



February 27, 2014.

Three stages of a print. Showing the printing block, the black and white print, and the final coloured print. So although there are multiples of each image, there is still a considerable amount of work involved in each individual piece, and slight variations make each print unique. For the book, the prints will be scanned and digital files created and combined with the text.


Some of the prints for the book in various stages of being coloured.


February 27, 2014.

Elephants are proliferating in my studio! I’m working hard to get as many prints done as I can before Lend a Leg Day on April 4.


One Step at a Time is being illustrated using hand coloured lino prints. I begin by sketching the designs for each page on paper – it usually takes many drafts before I’m satisfied. Then each drawing is transferred, in mirror image, to a block of lino. Then all the areas around the lines, that is, all the white spaces, are carved away, using the tool you can see in the photo below. Ink is rolled onto the block, paper laid over the top, and it’s run through a printing press. They are then coloured using watercolour inks. Therefore, although I can produce multiples of each image, each print is a unique work.


This picture shows some of the initial rough sketches, and two of the lino blocks which I was beginning to carve, for the first images for the book.


And here are the first proofs, before adding colour.And here’s a sneak preview of a couple of finished images from the book.

Pg  18:19 Image 2- Misty mornings The Jungle fell still and silent


One response to “Work in Progress

  1. Linda Fantis

    It looks amazing. Fabulous work.

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